If a person gets arrested for DUI after July 1, 2009, then the driver’s license suspension period has been extended.  Basically, a first time offender that does not refuse to take a breath test gets a 120 day suspension.  (Used to be 90 days).  A person with a prior DUI is now Two Years.  A second offense that is a refusal is now Three Years.  The problem is people don’t stop driving.  The effect of these consequences is to put unlicensed and uninsured drivers on the road.  The following is an outline of the new laws that went into effect July 2009.

New Driver’s License Suspensions

41-6a-521 Revocation Hearing for Refusal

18 months first refusal (no change

36 Months (3 years) for priors (does not matter if priors were refusals) looks back 10 years from date of arrest or conviction

Refusal Suspension for–Under 21

18 months or until 21, whichever is longer
36 months or until 21, whichever is longer if:
prior license sanction in 10 years for (metabolite, refusal, alc restricted driver, DUI, motorboat alc violation, conditional license violation)

Non Refusal Suspensions-over 21
120 days (4 months) extended 30 days
2 years if there is a prior within 10 years

Non Refusal Suspension–under 21
Until 21 or 120 days, whichever is longer
Until 21 or 2 years, whichever is longer if prior within 10 years
Deny application for learner’s permit until 21 or 120 days whichever is longer
or until 21 or two years if priors within 10 years