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People and Alcohol

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Guest writer, Allison Gamble, wrote and interesting article for me to post regarding the who, what, when, where, why, and how of alcohol.  Thanks Allison. People and Alcohol Humans’ love of alcohol is millennia old despite the obvious downsides of alcohol abuse. Even with the traffic fatalities, health problems, and ruined relationships attributable to alcohol… Continue Reading

Utah Crime Lab and Budget Cuts

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The Utah State Crime Lab analyzes all the DUI cases that involve blood draws.  Recently, in the Salt Lake Tribune, there was an article stating that budget cuts may cause cutting lab staff.  If that happens, the lab people in the article say that this could cause turnaround time on blood sample results to slow… Continue Reading

MADD wants punishment for drinking drivers, not just Drunk Drivers!

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Here is an interesting article about the prohibition of drinking.  Some points that I find interesting are: The person who started MADD feels that the organization has gotten way out of hand and no longer supports the organization. MADD is pushing for complete prohibition of any alcohol. Lowering the legal limit has not lowered DUIs… Continue Reading

Saturation Patrol, Utah DUI

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The Utah police agencies used to do "administrative checkpoints" to pull people over for no reason and then check them for alcohol.  The problem is that that charges can be challenged because there are so many rules the police must follow to make them constitutional.  So the police answer this by doing Saturation Patrols.  The… Continue Reading